Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recent Haul!

After £200 magically turned up in my bank account after receiving all of my university accommodation deposit back, I had to go shopping!

My new shoes also had to be picked up from the post office so they've been included too. I mentioned these in a previous post and HAD to get them. They're really comfy when I've tried them on and absolutely ridiculous but I love them! They were £26 including postage. Also, got myself this lovely red dress in the sale from Topshop. It was meant to be £48 but there was one left in my size for £18 (including student discount of course!) so I couldn't leave it. I had been admiring it for a while so was very happy to see it in the sale! Also treated myself to a Nina Ricci perfume called L'Elixir which was £28 from Boots.

Finally, I decided to go to Dorothy Perkins. I never really go in there but I was so happy I did today. They were practically giving away all the jewellery. I got 3 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces for £5.10!

I worked out that I had actually saved £74 in the sales! I love working out savings after a good shopping trip! :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wish List

1) Cat Ears Watch - Asos £20 - Desperately need a new watch seeing as though i'm always watching the time at work. Thought this watch was adorable!
2) Denim studded backpack - Topshop £35 - I've been trying to convince myself that I don't want a backpack...but I really do! This one is too nice!

3) Lilac Strapless Skater Dress £22.99 from . I'm such a massive fan of the colour lilac so loved this when I saw it.

4) These shoes I found on ebay! I'm in love and very tempted to dip into my savings for them! They're £26 including postage. They have them in a variety of colours too and the pink ones are extremely cute too.

5) I'm really feeling polka dots still so I adore this £18 River Island beauty!

6) I also quite fancy getting myself another leather jacket. You can throw it on with almost anything so i've convinced myself that it's an investment really! This one is £55 from Dorothy Perkins.

Payday can not come quick enough! :)

Tuesday, 17 July 2012

Little bit of a shoe problem...

I started making a wish list, only to realise that all I currently want is shoes. I really think it's a problem!

1)Topshop £85

2) Ebay £38 Spike T-bar heels

 3) £50 Schuh Velvet Wedges 

4) £21 Ebay - Black Flatform 

 5) Red and Black Mary Jane Flatforms £30 from Asos

Shoes are definitely one of my biggest weaknesses in life. But they're just SO pretty! What are your weaknesses when it comes to shopping? :)

Song of the day

Yesterday, No Doubt released their first new song for 9 years. I love this new song 'Settle Down' and i'm really looking forward to seeing what their new album is going to sound like. I've really not stopped listening to it.

Got so much love for Gwen.

Monday, 16 July 2012


After getting my wages on Friday, I was impressed I managed to control myself until today! Headed to Manchester despite the torrential downpours to spend money which I probably should be saving.

First I got this top from Ark for £9.99. The 'Chanel' copy logo is made up of bones and I love it. I was relieved to find something from Ark after having a gift receipt for the place for months :) Glad I waited instead of buying something just for the sake of it.

Next I hit Topshop. A place where I rarely splurge as I usually find you can find similar items for half the price. However, these velvet creeper style shoes were £24 (with £2.40 off with the joys of student discount!) which I thought was pretty reasonable. Also got myself a pair of wing earrings which were only £1.50 and a nice gold beaded necklace which was £3.50. Got to love how cheap Topshop jewellery goes in the sales!

As I nipped into Primark for tights I also noticed this jumper. It's nice and baggy and will probably go with quite a bit. This cost £12. 

I've been eyeing up this vest from H&M for a while but never been able to see it in my local Warrington store. It cost £9.99 which I thought was quite expensive for H&M's usual prices but still pretty cheap compared to other high street stores!

Finally I thought I'd nosey in some Charity shops, where I picked up this navy polka dot blouse (definitely on a polka dot hype at the minute!) which cost £1.99. It's quite big but thought it would look cute tucked in skirts or wearing it open over dresses. It really is worth rummaging around in charity shops though.

I thought I controlled myself relatively well (especially when I hit the shoe section in Topshop) but I'm pretty excited with this haul of stuff. :) 

Friday, 6 July 2012

New beginnings

As you can see, i'm extremely new to blogspot! But i'm hoping to post OOTD, gig reviews, my purchases and maybe some of my own DIY jewellery/clothing I attempt to make  :)