Thursday, 9 August 2012

Recent Haul!

After £200 magically turned up in my bank account after receiving all of my university accommodation deposit back, I had to go shopping!

My new shoes also had to be picked up from the post office so they've been included too. I mentioned these in a previous post and HAD to get them. They're really comfy when I've tried them on and absolutely ridiculous but I love them! They were £26 including postage. Also, got myself this lovely red dress in the sale from Topshop. It was meant to be £48 but there was one left in my size for £18 (including student discount of course!) so I couldn't leave it. I had been admiring it for a while so was very happy to see it in the sale! Also treated myself to a Nina Ricci perfume called L'Elixir which was £28 from Boots.

Finally, I decided to go to Dorothy Perkins. I never really go in there but I was so happy I did today. They were practically giving away all the jewellery. I got 3 pairs of earrings and 2 necklaces for £5.10!

I worked out that I had actually saved £74 in the sales! I love working out savings after a good shopping trip! :)

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Wish List

1) Cat Ears Watch - Asos £20 - Desperately need a new watch seeing as though i'm always watching the time at work. Thought this watch was adorable!
2) Denim studded backpack - Topshop £35 - I've been trying to convince myself that I don't want a backpack...but I really do! This one is too nice!

3) Lilac Strapless Skater Dress £22.99 from . I'm such a massive fan of the colour lilac so loved this when I saw it.

4) These shoes I found on ebay! I'm in love and very tempted to dip into my savings for them! They're £26 including postage. They have them in a variety of colours too and the pink ones are extremely cute too.

5) I'm really feeling polka dots still so I adore this £18 River Island beauty!

6) I also quite fancy getting myself another leather jacket. You can throw it on with almost anything so i've convinced myself that it's an investment really! This one is £55 from Dorothy Perkins.

Payday can not come quick enough! :)