Monday, 16 July 2012


After getting my wages on Friday, I was impressed I managed to control myself until today! Headed to Manchester despite the torrential downpours to spend money which I probably should be saving.

First I got this top from Ark for £9.99. The 'Chanel' copy logo is made up of bones and I love it. I was relieved to find something from Ark after having a gift receipt for the place for months :) Glad I waited instead of buying something just for the sake of it.

Next I hit Topshop. A place where I rarely splurge as I usually find you can find similar items for half the price. However, these velvet creeper style shoes were £24 (with £2.40 off with the joys of student discount!) which I thought was pretty reasonable. Also got myself a pair of wing earrings which were only £1.50 and a nice gold beaded necklace which was £3.50. Got to love how cheap Topshop jewellery goes in the sales!

As I nipped into Primark for tights I also noticed this jumper. It's nice and baggy and will probably go with quite a bit. This cost £12. 

I've been eyeing up this vest from H&M for a while but never been able to see it in my local Warrington store. It cost £9.99 which I thought was quite expensive for H&M's usual prices but still pretty cheap compared to other high street stores!

Finally I thought I'd nosey in some Charity shops, where I picked up this navy polka dot blouse (definitely on a polka dot hype at the minute!) which cost £1.99. It's quite big but thought it would look cute tucked in skirts or wearing it open over dresses. It really is worth rummaging around in charity shops though.

I thought I controlled myself relatively well (especially when I hit the shoe section in Topshop) but I'm pretty excited with this haul of stuff. :) 

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